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Please note that at the moment our centre does not offer the possibility to take this test.
We offer the TEF test which is an equivalent exam. You can register by clicking on the following link:

International House Nice is approved by the French Ministry of National Education (CIEP) allowing people to take the TCF TEST which gives access to becoming a French National. For questions regarding the TCF please call 04 93 62 60 62.
Enrollments for the TCF and the test itself take place at International House located at 27 rue Rossini, 06000 Nice.

TCF : Form of acquisition of French nationality, fill out the registration form and submit your request.

Download information on this TCF test.
You can download the PDF file which contains all the information about the TCF as well as the registration form.
You can also fill out this registration form and send it to us.

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The number of candidates per session is limited, it is prudent to wait for a confirmation from us as to whether you are registered for the selected date.

Your identity card

Scan or take a picture of your ID card and attach the file below (file format : JPG, BMP, PNG or PDF)
* If you encounter a problem, you can send your scanned ID by email ( or photocopy and send it by mail.

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Mandatory tests

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