OFII French Courses


As part of the OFII (French Immigration and Integration Office) public contract, International House Nice teaches foreigners who do not master the French language. We provide French as a language for integration (FLI) courses enabling learners to master French in their everyday life. We offer courses for levels A1 to B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).


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Prices and conditions


Applicants must have signed a Contract of Republican Integration (CIR) with the French Office of Immigration and Integration (OFII).

The CIR must be signed by all new foreign nationals over the age of 16, who are legally resident in France and who intend to reside there permanently:

Beneficiaries of family reunification schemes
  • Spouses of French nationals
  • Parents of French children
  • Beneficiaries of International Protection schemes (BPI) or statutory refugees, stateless persons and their family members
  • Private or Family Ties

When the CIR is signed at the OFII, the public takes a placement test in oral and written French. Depending on the result obtained, the applicant is given a summons to follow either a compulsory course (A1) or an optional (A2 / B1) course.

These French courses are FREE of charge and are financed by the OFII.



Types of courses


A1 course (compulsory)

  • 600h: Non-or low-educated students, non-reader/non-describer in their mother tongue or non-communicator. Total or almost total discovery of the French language.
  • 400h: Students with little schooling, Non-reader/Non-describer in their mother tongue and with oral skills close to level A1 and whose written skills are below A1.1 (CEFR) Exploration and appropriation in the process of acquisition
  • 200h: Students who have had significant schooling in their mother tongue (at least equivalent to the end of secondary school), whose written and oral skills still need to be consolidated.
  • 100h: Students who have received significant schooling in their mother tongue, who are able to speak but who written skills still need to improve.

A2 course (optional)

  • 100h : Conditions: obtain B2 level prior to training

B1 course (optional)

  • 50h : Conditions: obtain B2 level prior to training