Why choose IH Nice?




My name is William Rubinstein, I have been the Director of IH Nice for 30 years and I am still just as enthusiastic as I was at the beginning. I am the father of three children and my wife is Japanese. I speak English, a little bit of German and Russian, but unfortunately no Japanese. I love 20th century paintings (Matisse and Picasso) and classical music (especially Russian music). I love meeting people from around the world, so come and learn French at International House Nice. I look forward to welcoming you !


MIMOSA ARAKAWA – Chief Operating Officer

My name is Mimosa. I am in charge of communication and marketing, at International House Nice. I am married to the director, William, and we have a daughter named Lili, who was born in 2011. I am originally from Japan, but I have lived in Nice since 2006. I have also lived in Canada, Korea, Poland, Brazil and Hawaii.
Because I was helped by lots of people in lots of different countries, I am happy to help students when applying for student VISA documents, opening bank accounts, finding jobs, organising cooking lessons and more. If you need any information or help, please come and see me at my desk, anytime !


ELSA RUBINSTEIN - Executive Assistant

After working at International House Nice for several summers, I finally joinedthe excellent administrative and commercial team in January 2015! It’s now a family business since I am the eldest daughter of the Director, William! Thanks to my parents, I have been exposed to an international environment since I was a child. I also worked and studied in a language school in England and I love keeping in touch with people from lots of different countries.

I am available to answer any questions you may have regarding the course or accommodation, and feel free to come and see me when you are in school if you need more information about the school or region.



EMMA PHILIPPE - Enrolment Officer

My name is Emma, and I am from the Champagne region. After secondary school, I went to London where I lived for 13 years. After a short weekend in Nice, I decided to move here, and I have been working at International House Nice since 2007. I am in charge of the administration and the inscriptions. I love Nice, its region, its architecture, the sea, the mountains and its weather. All of this makes our region a dream destination to come to in order to learn French and to have a great holiday at the same time.



PASCALe BARACANI - Director of Studies

I have been teaching French as a foreign language and managing the teaching team for over 20 years, and since June 2015, I’m pleased to be working as director of studies in International House Nice.
This is a perfect place to get to know every new student and there is a real family atmosphere in a very relaxed but professional environment. While you’re studying at International House Nice, I will be taking care of your lessons and your progress.


JEAN-CHRISTOPHE SENKOFF - Director of Activities

My name is Jean-Christophe; I was born and have always lived in Nice. I have been a Professor of French at International House for more than 10 years. I am also responsible for the reception and organisation of school groups as well as extra-curricular activities (cultural, sports, etc).
I speak English and Nicois. Having a passion for niçois culture, I like to communicate and share it with students. My other interests are travelling, particularly in Asia (India, Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, etc…), literature and music.



My name is Annick and I was born in Nice. I enjoy meeting and communicating with foreign people, to discover different cultures, which has naturally led me to teach to foreign students.
After studying at the University of Nice and Aix-en-Provence, I became a tutor for American students at the University of California, Riverside.
I also gave French classes for three years at Exeter University (England) in the Foreign Language Centre. I also gave some lectures in the law department.
Back in Nice, I have continued, until now, to teach in various language schools and at the University of Nice. I also guide groups of students to visit different typical local places.
In winter, I like skiing in the beautiful Mercantour Mountains, and during the summer, I enjoy hiking and swimming. I am passionate about art, literature and music and fond of painting, reading books and taking pictures. I love chocolate! I equally enjoy spending time with my friends, sharing a drink, food and having a great time on a sunny terrace, a French way of life!


ANNE FEVRIER - Migrants' Education Coordinator

As far as I can remember, I have always been interested in words. I learned to read before entering primary school. So it is natural that I became a translator. By chance I chose to teach French for foreigners and I discovered the pleasure of teaching my language to curious and motivated adults. Since 1998, I have been working as a teacher of French as a foreign language, and since 2013, I am also a teacher in French Language, and the manager of the education of migrants for the French office of immigration, and that’s my passion !